CreativeLive Photo Week 2015 | 39 GB
Photo Week is an action-packed online conference featuring five straight days of high-caliber educational content and the best photo classes you'll find on the web.
During Photo Week 2015, you'll watch as world-class photographers show you exactly how they mastered their craft. You can drop in for classes on: portrait, glamour, lighting, wedding, business, family, outdoor, headshots, Photoshop, babies, and food photography - just to name a few.

You'll get up-to-speed on the latest photography technology, tools, and techniques - all while watching the masters at work, in real time. If you are ready to up your game and learn how to shoot like the pros, be sure to tune in and take notes during Photo Week 2015.

32 Complete classes:
Authentic Family Posing with Tamara Lackey
Beyond Macro Photography - Into the Microscopic World with Charles Krebs
Black and White Photography - Learning Grayscale Conversion with Vincent Versace
Bokeh 101 with Jeff Rojas
Boudoir on the Edge with Brianna and Ewan Phelan
Cinemagraphs - From Start to Finish with James Schmelzer
Commercial Photography - Thriving in a Competitive Industry with Joel Grimes
Community Marketing for Wedding Photographers with Katelyn James
Cost-Effective Creative Shoots with Lindsay Adler
Essential Compositing Techniques with Renee Robyn
Food Photography for Instagram with Penny De Los Santos
High School Senior Photography Marketing Plan with Alycia White
How to Edit With Adobe Photoshop Elements with Khara Plicanic
iPhone Photography Tips with Julia Kelleher
Landscapes and Light with Matt Kloskowski
Lighting Solutions for Portrait Photography with James Schmelzer
Manual Mode Made Simple with Khara Plicanic
Marketing Strategies for Baby Photographers with Julia Kelleher
Natural Light with Sue Bryce
Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience with Hannah Marie
Photo Week 2015 Panel with Barney Britton, Pye Jirsa, Kenna Klosterman, Jaron Schneider and 1 more
Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour with Jasmine Star, Sue Bryce, Victor Ha, Matt Kloskowski
Photography Tips for Everybody with Khara Plicanic
Professional Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos
Shooting in Small Spaces with Jeff Rojas
Small Changes, Big Results with Roberto Valenzuela
Strategies for Shooting in Difficult Situations with Susan Stripling
Targeted Marketing - Connecting with Non-Conformist Clients with Carly Romeo
The $250 Marketing Plan with Jasmine Star
The Headshot with Peter Hurley
Visual Storytelling - Why We Shoot with Ed Kashi, Ron Haviv
Working with Flash with Pye Jirsa

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