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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This course is majorly designed for all who want to start their journey of learning cloud computing from basics to advanced level of creating & using various services available in web services.

In this course, we focusing majorly on the following topics. How cloud computing was invented, Cloud computing benefits, The infrastructure of cloud service providers, Market shares of each Cloud computing service provider, Case study of Netflix, Different Cloud computing types like IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) model Infrastructure means HW along with Virtualization is taken by cloud service provider & you have to manage the rest of things, In PAAS this portion means HW and Platform is provided by the service provider & you have to just write and run the code & in SAAS you does not need to worry anything you have to just the application as use it. You can think of What's an app, Gmail, Onedrive, Google drive as a SAAS application Various certifications in Cloud Computing, How to create an account & use AWS services free for 1 year, AWS Cloud services, Steps for using storage service (S3) and Demo on AWS Storage Service (S3).