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Online courses are a great way to extend yourself professionally.

They enable you to reach new audiences, and when done right, they can create a very sound income stream.

There is no better to take advantage of this opportunity than right now. But like every opportunity, a lot goes into making the most of it.

Hi, my name is Dean, and in this class, I take you through my process for creating compelling online learning experiences.

The main areas are:

Picking your topic

Setting your course goals

Content planning and we round up with a few sessions on

Producing the course

Although I have a finance background, I have had the opportunity to work in the education space - creating business courses and producing professional conferences. This experience translates beautifully into creating online courses.

In this class, I share practical insights and hacks that I've applied to my course-creation workflow.

At the end of it, you will have both the tools and the confidence to create your first online course.

Shall we

Ps: I'm working on a shortlist of mics so you don't have to spend your precious searching for it. Will drop it soon.