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When it comes to editing CSV documents, most individuals look for a highly professional tool to help them do just about anything they wish or actually need to do.

Modern CSV is exactly this type of tool. It offers a great array of options and features and at the same is fast and easy to use. With this in mind, there is a whole list of things that this little program does right when it comes to CSV documents.

Multi-cell editing

Duplicate rows, columns, and cells.

Move rows, columns, and cells.

Insert rows and columns.

Delete rows and columns.

Load files with billions of lines.

Read-only mode for even more efficient file handling.

Load files up to 11x faster than Excel.

Find/Replace with regex, highlight matching, whole cell matching, etc.

Sort rows or columns in ascending or descending order.

Filter rows or columns.

Light and Dark themes

Keyboard shortcuts you can set to your liking

Settings including cell sizes, row/column shading, text font, etc.