The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2022
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The Most Ultimate and Easy to Follow Unit-by-Unit Cryptocurrency Course with Technical Analysis and Live Trading Example
What you'll learn
What is a Cryptocurrency?
Are Cryptos risky?
Why use Cryptocurrency?
What is stablecoin?
What are currency pairs?
What is base vs code currency?
What is bid-offer spread?
Best news sites for Crypto
Best education sites for Crypto
How to DYOR
Best crypto platforms for beginner
Best crypto platforms for advanced trading
How to choose the best platform for you
Fees and other considerations
What are DeXs?
What are swaps?
What should you choose?
Swing trading
Breakout tading
Long vs Medium vs Short term strategies
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
Order book explained
Market and limit orders
Stop market and stop limit orders
How to use order types
How to spot market trends
Support and resistance (price action)
Candlestick charts (entry triggers)
How to look for trades
How to workout our at risk position
Let's enter into trade
Where to set our stop loss with ATR
How should beginners starts?
No previous trading experience needed.
You should be able to use a computer or laptop at a beginner level.
You should have access to the internet.
You can start with as little or as much money as you want!
In this Ultimate Cryptocurrency Course, you will learn everything you need to start Investing.
We will start by teaching you about the Cryptocurrency Fundamentals like
- Crypto basics
- Tokenomics
- Crypto trading basics
- Stablecoins
- Base vs Quote currency
- Currency pair trading
- Best crypto trading platforms
- Decentralised exchanges
- Swaps
- CeX vs Dex
We'll then cover Different Trading Strategies to understand how to trade efficiently
- Crypto trading strategies
- Swing trading
- Breakout trading
- Scalping
- Dollar cost averaging
You will also learn different types of Crypto Orders and difference between them. We'll learn about
- Crypto order types
- Order book
- The spread
- Market order
- Limit order
- Stop order
The best part about this course, though, is that it's not only about Cryptocurrencies, but also about Investing! but with caution.
So, you will also learn Technical Analysis. Some of the topics covered here are
- Technical analysis
- Candlestick charts
- Chart patterns
- Trends
- Support and resistance
- Indicators
We'll also go over Live Examples so you know how to trade your Cryptocurrencies effectively. Let's trade
- Crypto trading example 1
- Crypto trading example 2
- Crypto trading example 3
Self Introduction of instructor
1. A Former London Stock Exchange Broker.
2. UK Investment Management Certificate (Level 4)
3. Securities and Derivatives Technical Unit (Level 5)
4. Certificate in Private Client investment advice and management (Level 6)
Who this course is for
For Crypto Beginners