Production-Ready Serverless
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Production-Ready Serverless: Operational Best Practices teaches you how to build applications that take advantage of AWS Lambda and other AWS platform features like API Gateway and Kinesis. AWS expert Yan Cui guides you from writing your first AWS Lambda functions through handling the operational challenges Lambda can bring as you integrate serverless development practices into your applications.

You'll build a basic e-commerce site piece by piece, including a Lambda-based web API using the API Gateway service. This hands-on course introduces processing events in real-time using Lambda and Kinesis Streams, implementing security against common OWASP attacks, modern serverless design patterns, and best practices for maximizing performance and minimizing cost!
AWS Lambda is a platform for running cloud-hosted functions-small, single-responsibility services that handle tasks and orchestrate data flow among other AWS services. Lambda functions responds to the events triggered by users and your application. AWS automatically scales Lambda for you based on demand, so you can minimize infrastructure plumbing management and enjoy the reliability, security, and responsiveness you need to create amazing applications!
Creating and deploying Lambda functions with the Serverless framework
Building web APIs with Lambda and API Gateway
Implementing authentication and authorization using API Gateway, IAM, and Cognito User Pools
Implementing canary deployments using API Gateway and Lambda
Processing real-time events with Lambda and Kinesis Streams
Collecting and aggregating analytics events in real-time
Testing Lambda functions
Managing configurations for Lambda functions at scale
Securing applications against common OWASP attacks
Leading practices for Lambda, API Gateway and Kinesis Serverless design patterns