Audio Ollie Scoring Synths KONTAKT 2019

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    Predeterminado Audio Ollie Scoring Synths KONTAKT 2019

    Audio Ollie Scoring Synths KONTAKT
    P2P | 21 April 2019 | 67.9 GB
    We embarked upon a six month long journey to fill what we believe is a void in today's synth and sample library market. Scoring Synths is the exciting end product of recording two of the most iconic synthesizers in the world, reamping or "worldizing" them into one of the best sounding live rooms in the U.S., and re-recording them with an array of priceless vintage microphones. From the synths themselves, to the converters, preamps, mastering loudspeakers, mics and scoring stage, not a single sonic compromise was made in the process of creating this powerful new tool. Scoring Synths truly is the first sample library of its kind.

    Modern film score relies heavily on synthesizers to accompany and reinforce the sections of the orchestra, yet rarely do those synth tones experience the sonic benefit of being recorded in the same acoustic space. Classic mono synths offer a richness in plangency and punch, while lacking a degree of flexibility and recall ability. Modern soft synths have seemingly limitless features but fall short sonically when compared with their older analogue counterparts. Our goal was to take the best aspects of the old and the new, craft tones specifically designed for film score production and orchestral compositions, immerse that in a lush acoustic environment, and create something that simply hadn't existed until now. We are incredibly proud to announce our first product and a new benchmark in synthesizer sample libraries -- Scoring Synths.

    Brushed Perc
    Drum 1
    Drum 2
    Drum 3
    Drum 4
    Drum Rolls
    â—¦Hand Drum 1
    â—¦ Hand Drum 2
    â—¦ Huge Bass Drum
    â—¦ Kick 1
    â—¦ Kick 2
    â—¦ Kick 3
    â—¦ Kick 4
    â—¦ Kick 5
    â—¦ Kick 6
    â—¦ Kick 7
    â—¦ Kick 8
    â—¦ Kick 9
    â—¦ Kick 10
    â—¦ Kick 11
    â—¦ Kick 12
    â—¦ Cymbal 1
    â—¦ Cymbal 2
    â—¦ Metal Sheet 1
    â—¦ Metal Sheet 2
    â—¦ Metal Sheet 3
    â—¦ Metal Sheet 4
    â—¦ Metal Sheet 6
    â—¦ Metals
    â—¦ High Hat 1
    â—¦ High Hat 2
    â—¦ High Hat 3
    â—¦ High Hat 4
    â—¦ High Hat 5
    â—¦ Snare 1
    â—¦ Snare 2
    â—¦ Taps 1
    â—¦ Taps 2
    â—¦ Taps 3
    â—¦ Taps 4
    â—¦ Taps 5
    â—¦ Tonal Perc 1
    â—¦ Tonal Perc 2
    â—¦ Tonal Perc 3


    Bell Reversal
    â—¦ Bends 1
    â—¦ Bends 2
    â—¦ Erratic Build
    â—¦ Feedback
    â—¦ Harmonic Swell
    â—¦ Helicopters
    â—¦ Horn Blast
    â—¦ Space Waves
    â—¦ Sub Drop 1
    â—¦ Sub Drop 2
    â—¦ Sub Drop 3
    â—¦ Sub Drop 4
    â—¦ Sub Drop 5
    â—¦ Sub Drop 6
    â—¦ Sub Drop 7
    â—¦ Sub Drop 8
    â—¦ Sub Drop 9
    â—¦ Sub Drop 10
    â—¦ Sub Drop 11
    â—¦ Sub Drop 12


    Bass Pluck Solo1
    â—¦ Bass Pluck Solo 2
    â—¦ Bass Pluck Solo 3
    â—¦ Bass Pluck Solo 4
    â—¦ Bass Pluck Solo 5
    â—¦ Bass Pluck Solo 6
    â—¦ Bass Pluck Solo 7
    â—¦ Bass Solo 1
    â—¦ Bass Solo 2
    â—¦ Bass Solo 3
    â—¦ Bass Solo 4
    â—¦ Bass Solo 5
    â—¦ Bass Solo 6
    â—¦ Bass Pluck 1
    â—¦ Bass Pluck 2
    â—¦ Bass Pluck 3
    â—¦ Bass 1
    â—¦ Bass 2
    â—¦ Bass 3
    â—¦ Bass 4


    Modern Pluck 1
    â—¦ Modern Pluck 2
    â—¦ Modern Pluck 3
    â—¦ Modern Pluck 4
    â—¦ Modern Pluck 5
    â—¦ Modern Pluck 6
    â—¦ Modern Pluck 7
    â—¦ Stabs 1
    â—¦ Stabs 2
    â—¦ Stabs 3
    â—¦ Swells 1
    â—¦ Swells 2
    â—¦ Swells 3
    â—¦ Swells 4
    â—¦ Swells 5
    â—¦ Arp 1
    â—¦ Arp 2
    â—¦ Arp 3
    â—¦ Synth Pluck 1
    â—¦ Synth Pluck 2
    â—¦ Synth Pluck 3


    High Pad 1
    â—¦ High Pad 2
    â—¦ High Pad 3
    â—¦ High Pad 4
    â—¦ High Pad 5
    â—¦ Low Pad 1
    â—¦ Low Pad 2
    â—¦ Low Pad 3
    â—¦ Low Pad 4
    â—¦ Low Pad 5
    â—¦ Misc Pad 1
    â—¦ Misc Pad 2
    â—¦ Misc Pad 3


    Sub Filler 1
    â—¦ Sub Filler 2
    â—¦ Sub Filler 3
    â—¦ Sub Filler 4
    â—¦ Sub Filler 5
    â—¦ Sub Filler 6
    â—¦ Sub Filler 7


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    Contact dead link: [email protected]

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