Penetration Orgasm Mastery ( Update )

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    Predeterminado Penetration Orgasm Mastery ( Update )

    Penetration Orgasm Mastery ( Update )
    37VDRip | MP4/AVC, ~472 kb/s | 480x270 | Duration: ~10 hours | English: AAC, 64 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.84 GB
    Genre: Dating, Relationships, Sex, Psychology
    How to Use a Little-Known Caveman Secret To Make Her PERMANENTLY Addicted to Your Cock
    I want to show you a trick you can use TONIGHT to take advantage of MILLIONS of years of evolution - and make your woman addicted to sex with you on a PRIMAL level

    Making her feel the kind of intense, irrational craving that will make her do ANYTHING just to get a taste of you inside her

    The kind of craving that many of my students have said gives a man WAY TOO MUCH POWER over women
    But first I have to tell you exactly WHY this trick works
    It starts way back at the dawn of humanity
    A few million years ago.
    Cave-man and cave-woman times
    Back in those days, women and men did NOT have relationships or marriage.
    (Ever wonder why divorce rates are so high these days?)

    And your typcial cave-woman would have sex with two types of men in her tribe:
    1. The ALPHA of the tribe - the strongest man among the other tribesmen - man who took what he wanted, when he wanted it, including the women belonging to the other type of male
    2. A safe, mild-mannered nice guy who she KNEW would stick around and help her take care of the kids - kids he THINKS are his own

    And guess what?
    Guess whose kids they actually were?
    Thats right.
    Those were the ALPHAS kids!
    How the hell could that happen?
    The Alpha would only have sex with a woman maybe one day out of the month (he was busy banging all the other cave-women on the other days), while the nice-guy would have sex with her almost every day
    But the nice-guy would almost NEVER get her pregnant!
    While the Alpha would be knocking women up almost every time he had sex

    How could this be?
    Well, Ill tell you
    A womans body NATURALLY wants to reproduce with the STRONGEST mans sperm
    It means her children will have the BEST chance of survival.
    So, to help this, her vagina actually responds DIFFERENTLY to sex with these powerful men
    In a way that makes it highly likely that shell get pregnant that first time
    And GUARANTEES that shell come back for more sex with him, again and again.
    Instead of the the occasional weak orgasm that sex with her nice guy would give her,
    Sex with the Alpha would make the womans pussy COMPLETELY submit to his cock with a very specific type of orgasm


    Link Download:

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    Extract files with WinRar Latest !
    Contact dead link: [email protected]

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