Cisco Images for GNS3 - VIRL IOU IOS
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This torrent should have almost ever image you need for emulating Cisco equipment in GNS3 or other emulation software. It has a lot of the images you'll find scattered through a few other prevalent torrents however there are three specifically in here that required lots of effort on my end to find. They are.....


This is a Layer 2 IOU images. At the time of writing it is considered one of the best if not the best L2 IOU image. I personally just changed the file extension from ".nov3_2015_high_iron" to ".bin" and imported it into GNS3 but apparently there are other ways to do this too.


This is the current VIRL L2 image (again at the time of writing). It's regarded as the best L2 VIRL image.


This is a VIRL image for the Nexus 9000 series.

If you're new to IOU images DON'T FORGET THAT YOU'LL NEED TO SETUP LICENSING FOR THEM! The file in the scripts folder will do that. Google around if you're not sure how to go through this process.